CasusGrill - sustainable single use barbecue

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CasusGrill - an ingenious, instant, disposable, biodegradable single-use barbecue made completely from natural ingredients - bamboo charcoal briquettes, insulating light weight lava stones, natural bamboo and cardboard frame and packaging. Barbecue anywhere is the great New Zealand outdoors, it weighs just 1 kg so fits perfectly in a back pack.  Easy to light, ready to grill in 5 minutes and retains its heat for more than 60 minutes.  CasusGrill creates a high, even temperature ensuring your food is beautifully grilled with a delicious crisp barbecue finish. Check out the you tube clip below.
Full use instructions came with each CasusGrill. Although the CasusGrill does not have any visible flames all care must be taken as with any barbecue.  Extinguish the grill with water, sand or earth. Let it cool down before disposing of it. Do not use indoors. Dispose of the CasusGrill safely and responsibly. It can be burned on a fire or the bamboo and cardboard components  can be either composted, recycled or disposed of in a garden waste bin.The white lava stones are a natural mineral rock and will not decompose or decay, rather they have the ability to go back to nature and can be used as soil conditioner or as a clean growing medium for plants.