Spanish Terracotta Cazuela - 6 sizes

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A cazuela is one of the oldest cooking vessels, used since pre-Roman times and still in use today in every Spanish kitchen. 
It is used exactly as you would use a frying pan, over direct heat on an electric or gas hob, an open fire or barbecue. 
It is also oven proof and makes a great baker and roasting dish for both sweet and savory dishes. 
Due to the organic nature of terracotta cooking in a cazuela adds flavour to food. Also, they are so attractive they can go straight to the table.
This product is made from high quality fire proof terracotta clay. Brittle when new, it is important that the correct simple pre-use procedure is followed. 
If you intend to use on direct heat: 
Before use, submerge overnight in cold water. If not used often or if the climate is a dry one, do this again before each use for a short time. 
Do not put it on the heat empty (i.e. add a little oil) 
Always begin cooking on a low heat. The heat can be increased once the dish is warm. 
Do not subject to abrupt temperature changes. 
Suitable for use on gas or electric hobs, open fire and in the oven. 
Dishwasher and Microwave safe. 
Dry thoroughly before storing, especially in humid climates.